[INDOLOGY] Analyzed version of the Vedic samhitas

hellwig7 at gmx.de hellwig7 at gmx.de
Sat May 21 08:59:51 UTC 2016

Dear list members,

I am looking for a lemmatized and morphologically analyzed edition of the 
Rig- and/or Sama-/Yajur-/Atharvaveda in digital form. Is anybody aware of 
such a resource?

Alternatively, do you know a (PhD) student who would be willing to feed 
these texts into the SanskritTagger and analyze them in this tool? A sound 
acquaintance with Vedic language and some knowledge of grammatical 
terminology would be a prerequisite, as several verbal forms and lemmata 
need to be added to the database. Funding is available for this task.

Any feedback is highly appreciated. If you know any student, you can send me 
contact data off-list.

Best, Oliver

Oliver Hellwig, University of Düsseldorf 

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