[INDOLOGY] Tibetan names of four gompas

Artur Karp karp at uw.edu.pl
Wed May 18 11:11:23 UTC 2016

Dear Colleagues,

I participate in the preparation of the list of Polish exonyms for South
Asian names of important buildings and other anthropogenic objects for

Could you, please, give me the Wylie transliteration for the names of four
Tibetan Buddhist monasteries located in India?

Hemis Gompa

Pemayangtse Gompa

Shey Gompa

Tashigang Gompa

Thanks - in advance,

Artur Karp (ret.)
South Asian Studies Deptt
University of Warsaw

PS. Provisional, pre-publication list is available at:

Nazwy Budowli - Azja Południowa



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