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Dear Colleagues,

Yudhishthir Mimamsak in his history of Sanskrit grammar mentions that he
had seen a manuscript of a rare Pratishakhya work, namely the Maitrayani
Pratishakhya, at the home of Late Pt. Annashastri Ware of Nasik.  After Pt.
Ware passed away, his manuscript collection, along with his other estate,
were contested by his sons, and the manuscripts have never been seen
again.  Shri T. N. Dharmadhikari from Pune also visited Nasik some years
ago, but had no success in accessing manuscripts of the Ware family. Since
there is a Maitrayani community in Nasik, I myself went there some years
ago and talked to some Maitrayani pandits, but they had never seen this
work, and the Nasik Nagar Vachanalaya, which houses a fairly large
collection of Sanskrit manuscripts, does not have a copy of this work.  I
am just wondering if anyone on BVP has ever come across a manuscript of
this work.  I communicated with the director of NAMAMI in Delhi, and they
have not been able to trace this work.  Any help in tracing this work would
be appreciated.  Besides Nasik, Gujarat may be another region where the
Maitrayani community is found, and there is a chance that this work may
exist somewhere in Gujarat. With best regards,

Madhav M. Deshpande

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