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Eli Franco franco at uni-leipzig.de
Sun May 1 09:47:14 UTC 2016

Dear friends and colleagues,

I was unable to identify the following verse which appears in the  
Pramāṇavārttikālaṅkaranibandha of Yamāri with reference to a  
Vidagdhamaṇḍana (sic.). The verse does not seem to appear in any of  
the editions of the Vidagdhamukhamaṇḍana. The manuscript reads:

āha ca vidagdhamaṇḍane
sarvaśāstrakalāśiṣyaśuddhīnāṃ nikaṣopalaḥ |
ahaṃ kavitvavaktṛtvakusumaiḥ kusumākaraḥ ||

I will be grateful for any help.
With best wishes,
Eli Franco

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