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*/Tantric Studies. Fruits of a Franco-German project on Early Tantra./***

Edited by *Dominic Goodall* and *Harunaga Isaacson*, Collection 
Indologie n˚ 131; Early Tantra Series n˚ 4, Institut Français de 
Pondichéry / Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient / Asien-Afrika-Institut, 
Universität Hamburg, xxx, 305 p.

Language: English. *800 Rs (35 *€*). *ISBN: 978-81-8470-211-8 (IFP) / 
978-2-85539-220-2 (EFEO).

The principal works that have emerged from our stimulating project on 
‘Early Tantra’ are critical editions and translations of previously 
unpublished primary material, which have begun to appear in this new 
series. This volume complements those publications by gathering together 
some of the fruits, direct and indirect, of the wide-ranging discussions 
that took place during the project’s workshops.By way of introduction, 
the volume opens with an attempt by the editors to draw together our 
findings about the “shared ritual syntax” of some of the earliest known 
works of the tantric traditions, with a particular emphasis on the 
Buddhist /Mañjuśriyamūlakalpa/ and the Śaiva /Niśvāsatattvasaṃhitā/. 
Seven further contributions, by Dominic Goodall, Peter Bisschop, Judit 
Törzsök, Diwakar Acharya, Anna A. Ślączka, Libbie Mills and Péter-Dániel 
Szántó, throw light on a wide range of topics : the Śaiva/tattva/s and 
their evolution, /yoginī/-temples, alphabet-deities, an early treatise 
of snake-related magic, iconographic prescriptions in early 
/pratiṣṭhātantra/s, the implications of the use of the 
/bhūtasaṅkhyā///system, and a fragment of a Buddhist tantric /sādhana/.

*Keywords:***Mantramārga, Tantra, Magic, Iconography, Shaivism, 
Vajrayāna, Goddess-worship, Ritual, Cosmography**


*About the editors:*

After studies in Oxford and in Hamburg, *Dominic Goodall* passed several 
years working in Pondicherry, where he was head of the Pondicherry 
Centre of the École française d’Extrême-Orient from 2002 to 2011.  He 
has published critical editions of Śaiva works and of classical Sanskrit 
poetry (most recently, with Csaba Dezső, the eighth-century 
/Kuṭṭanīmata/ of Dāmodaragupta).  After four years in Paris, where he 
gave lectures on Indian and Cambodian Sanskrit literature at the École 
pratique des hautes études (religious science section), he is now back 
once again in Pondicherry.

*Harunaga Isaacson*studied in Groningen (MA 1990) and was awarded a PhD 
in Sanskrit by the University of Leiden in 1995. After holding positions 
for research and teaching at the Universities of Oxford, Hamburg and 
Pennsylvania, he was appointed Professor of Classical Indology in the 
Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies, Asien-Afrika-Institut, 
Hamburg, in 2006. His main research areas are: tantric traditions in 
pre-13^th -century South Asia, especially Vajrayāna Buddhism; classical 
Sanskrit poetry; classical Indian philosophy; and Purāṇic literature.



*Preface / Préface *vii

/Dominic Goodall and Harunaga Isaacson/


*Abbreviations *xix


*List of Figures *xxi


*Notes on Contributors / À propos des contributeurs *xxiii


*1 On the Shared ‘Ritual Syntax’ of the Early Tantric*


/Dominic Goodall and Harunaga Isaacson/


*2How the Tattvas of Tantric Śaivism Came to Be 36: The*

*Evidence of the **/Niśvāsatattvasa/**/ṃ/**/hitā /*77

/Dominic Goodall/


*3A 12th-Century Vārā**ṇ**asīmāhātmya and Its Account of a*

*Hypethral Yoginī-Temple *113

/Peter Bisschop/


*4The Emergence of the Alphabet Goddess Māt**ṛ**kā in Early*

*Śaiva Tantras *135

/Judit Törzsök/


*5Three Fragmentary Folios of a 9th-Century Manuscript of an*

*Early Bhūtatantra Taught by Mahāmaheśvara *157

/Diwakar Acharya/


*6 The Two Iconographic Chapters from the **/Devyāmata /**and*

*the Art of Bengal *181

/Anna A. Ślączka/


*7 **/Bhūtasa/**/ṃ/**/khyā/**s as a Dating Tool for **/Prati/**/ṣṭ/**/hā/*

*Literature *247

/Libbie Mills/


*8Minor Vajrayāna Texts I: A Fragment from*

*Abhayākaragupta’s Śrīsamvarābhisamayopāyikā *261

/Péter-Dániel Szántó/


*Index *297



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