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I was sent this email and since I am not able too respond sufficiently I am taking the courage and liberty of sending it to you all.  Appaentlty Vamsi is fighting to prevent India being lumped with South Asia in her University in California. Her questions are probing and sincere and she needs our support in her fight.
Please respond to her directly at juluri at usfca.edu
 Kind regards, HarshaProf. Harsha V. Dehejia
 This is the email for Vamsi JuluriMay I request the historians in the group to share a few points if possible on the following so I could try and put it into a table?

1) What are the oldest references in Sanskrit literature to something like "Bharata"? What texts? What periods? What geographical spaces are referred to?
2) Are there other names for the Indian subcontinent in Indic texts? Did regional language literatures also have names of their own or was Bharata widely used? If so, from about when? (there's a lot of s asian bs in their letter accepted by the board on how india never had a sense of itself, no unity etc.)
3) What are some of the non-Indian names for India from ancient times? Roman/Greek texts, periods, names will be useful. Would anyone in the group also have an idea about Chinese/Korean/Japanese names ? What texts/periods?
4) Any other facts and anecdotes and citations that might be helpful.
Thank you!
VamseeVamsee Juluri, Ph.D.
Professor of Media Studies, University of San FranciscoAuthor of Becoming a Global Audience: Longing and Belonging in Indian Music Television (Peter Lang), The Mythologist:A Novel (Penguin India), Bollywood Nation: India through its Cinema (Penguin India), Rearming Hinduism: Nature, Hinduphobia and the Return of Indian Intelligence (Westland, 2015) and The Guru Within (Westland, forthcoming)

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