[INDOLOGY] Nāgarīpracāriṇī Patrikā article

James Mallinson jm63 at soas.ac.uk
Mon Mar 21 03:17:48 UTC 2016

Dear Colleagues,

If anyone could point me towards or send me a pdf of an article by U.P.Shah entitled “Nāth Siddhoṃ kī prācīna Śilpamūrtiyān”, Nāgarīpracāriṇī Patrikā varṣa 62 Vols. 2 and 3, pp. 174-202 (I am not sure of the year of publication), I would be most grateful. I have looked online, including the DLI, with no luck (albeit via my mobile while travelling in MP).

Yours, with best wishes,


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