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21 is a holy number pertaining, originally, to the twenty-one declensional
forms of word --the three-into-seven declensional forms. The matter is not

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> Dear Colleagues
> I’ve come across two references in the Brāhmaṇas to the Sun as ‘the
> twenty-first’ –
> ŚB …” It (the plate) is round, for he (the Sun) is round. It has
> twenty-one knobs, for he is the twenty-first. He wears it with the knobs
> outside, for the knobs are his (the Sun's) rays, and his rays are outside."
> (Eggeling 1894:265),”
> and
> AB 4.18: "They perform the ceremonies of the Ekaviṃśa day, which is the
> equator, dividing the year (into two equal parts). By means of the
> performance of this day, the gods had raised the Sun up to the heavens.
> This Ekaviṃśa day on which the Divākīrtya mantra (was produced) is preceded
> by ten days, and followed by ten days, and is in the midst (of both
> periods). On both sides it is thus put in a Virāṭ: (the number ten). Being
> thus put in a Virāṭ (in the number ten) on both sides, this (Ekaviṃśa, i.e.
> the Sun) becomes not disturbed in his course through these worlds." (Haug
> 1977:288-289).
> Does anyone have other references to the Sun as the 21st, and any other
> explanations for this other than these two Brahmana explanations?
> Cheers
> James Hartzell, PhD(2x)
> Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC)
> The University of Trento, Italy
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