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Dear Colleagues

I’ve come across two references in the Brāhmaṇas to the Sun as ‘the
twenty-first’ –

ŚB …” It (the plate) is round, for he (the Sun) is round. It has
twenty-one knobs, for he is the twenty-first. He wears it with the knobs
outside, for the knobs are his (the Sun's) rays, and his rays are outside."
(Eggeling 1894:265),”
AB 4.18: "They perform the ceremonies of the Ekaviṃśa day, which is the
equator, dividing the year (into two equal parts). By means of the
performance of this day, the gods had raised the Sun up to the heavens.
This Ekaviṃśa day on which the Divākīrtya mantra (was produced) is preceded
by ten days, and followed by ten days, and is in the midst (of both
periods). On both sides it is thus put in a Virāṭ: (the number ten). Being
thus put in a Virāṭ (in the number ten) on both sides, this (Ekaviṃśa, i.e.
the Sun) becomes not disturbed in his course through these worlds." (Haug

Does anyone have other references to the Sun as the 21st, and any other
explanations for this other than these two Brahmana explanations?


James Hartzell, PhD(2x)
Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC)
The University of Trento, Italy

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