[INDOLOGY] pandits as donkeys

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Dear Ram-Prasad ji,

This comparison of pundits just carrying sacred texts without knowing their meaning/value is attested in a very old floating verse cited already in the Suśruta Saṃhitā. While teaching in Kathmandu we had a student who memorized everything without caring for the meaning, and we used to call him Mr. Candanabharavāhin. He was happy with his nickname and had memorized this verse, too. Of course, without caring what it meant. Here is the SS passage:
1.4.3 adhigatamapyadhyayanamaprabhāṣitamarthataḥ kharasya candanabhāra iva kevalaṃ pariśramakaraṃ bhavati ||
1.4.4 bhavati cātra |
1.4.4ab yathā kharaścandanabhāravāhī bhārasya vettā na tu candanasya |
1.4.4cd evaṃ hi śāstrāṇi baḥūnyadhītya cārtheṣu mūḍhāḥ kharavadvahanti ||


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>> Can anyone please give the/a reference for the saying which goes roughly that pandits knowing sacred texts are like donkeys carrying sandalwood?
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