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>  Is Bilvamangala's Balagopalastuti the same as his Krishnakaranamrutam?

No, they are separate works.  See the editions w/ trans. by Francis Wilson:

The Bilvamaṅgalastava Edited and Translated with an Introduction, Leiden:

The Love of Krishna: The Kṛṣṇakarṇāmṛta of Bilvamaṅgala, Philadelphia:
University of Pennsylvania Press, 1 975.

More recently, Dominik Wujastyk has published on this with reference to an
important illustrated manuscript.  See

The Love of Krsna In poems and paintings.  In *Pearls of the Orient* (ed.
N. Allen), pp. 87-105.

He has kindly made this available in a pdf.

Worldcat lists a dissertation by Elinor W. Gadon.
An iconographical analysis of the Bālagopālastuti : early Kr̥s̥n̥abhakti
in Gujarat

Tim Cahill

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