[INDOLOGY] Online e-readers for BhagvadGeeta and Shishupaalvadha

Amba Kulkarni ambapradeep at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 18:50:28 UTC 2016

Dear list members,

We have added two more on-line readers to sa.msaadhanii -- Sanskrit
Computational Tools at the University of Hyderabad.

These two readers are --
SrimadbhagavadGeeta and
Śiśupālavadha of Māgha (Cantos 1-IV).

These on-line readers have following features:

For every shloka its padapaa.tha, anvaya, Hindi and English translation,
along with the Morphological Analysis of every word, compound analysis of
every compound and complete sentential analysis are provided.

These readers help one to read the original text on-line, with all
necessary analysis at the click of a button.

The readers are available on the mirror site at

and also on the University server at (This server has some network
problems, and hence may be inaccessible during power cuts and during
http://sanskrit.uohyd.ac.in/scl/sbg/main.html, and

The readers are developed semi-automatically, using the analysis produced
by tools developed at the University of Hyderabad, followed by a manual

-- Amba Kulkarni

Indian Institute of Advanced Study,

आ नो भद्रा: क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वत: ll
Let noble thoughts come to us from every side.
- Rig Veda, I-89-i.
Prof. (On leave)
Department of Sanskrit Studies
University of Hyderabad
Prof. C.R. Rao Road
Hyderabad-500 046

(91) 040 23133802(off)

http://sanskrit.uohyd.ac.in/scl <http://sanskrit.uohyd.ernet.in/scl>

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