AV (5,21,3) reference cited by J. Gonda

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Mon Jun 20 19:30:30 UTC 2016

Dear Indologists,

In his book, “Notes on Names and the Name of God in Ancient India,” on. p.21, Gonda says, “There is an intimate connection between name and origin: in magic practices the exact name and origin (cf. e.g. AV. 5, 21,3) of the object dealt with must be given wherever possible; if “father and mother” can be named so much the better…” I checked AV. 5,21,3 Whitney’s Atharva-Veda-Samhita revised and edited by Lanman, MLBD, 1996. The translation of AV 5,21,3 reads, “Made of forest-tree, brought together with the ruddy [kine], belonging to all the families (-gotrá-), speak thou alarm for our enemies, bring smeared with sacrificial butter.” There is no mention of name or origin. Can someone explain what the problem is?

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