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Battle for Sanskrit

   - http://asaa.asn.au/tigers-vs-goats-rajiv-malhotras-battle-for/ by
   McComas Taylor
   - Several reviews, only positive, on the book's website, under "reviews

​Indra's Net​

   - ​Untangling The False Knots In Rajiv Malhotra’s Indra’s Net
   by Anantand Rambachan

Being Different

   Jonathan Edelmann
   - ​Seven articles in IJHS
   <http://link.springer.com/journal/11407/16/3/page/1>, December 2012​, by
   Nocholas Gier, Shrinivas Tilak, Gerald Larson, Rita Gross, Robert Yelle and
   Cleo McNelly Kearns.  With a response by Rajiv Malhotra.  Behind a paywall.

​More ​
thanks to those who have given me this information.

Dominik Wujastyk

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