[INDOLOGY] Mind and moon

dermot at grevatt.force9.co.uk dermot at grevatt.force9.co.uk
Wed Jul 27 09:47:45 UTC 2016

Can anyone explain why the mind is the microcosmic counterpart of the moon? The 
correspondence appears in Rgveda 10.90.13 and in countless passages of the Brahmanas 
and Upanisads, but it's not obvious like breath and wind. 

Renou Études Védiques vol XVI p. 150 says it's a play on words. I find that hard to accept, 
because the words (candra-mas and manas) are not very similar (they are in Latin, but the 
sages didn't have access to an Indo-European comparative dictionary).

Could the connection be through soma (often linked or identified with the moon), since the 
mind is called a pavitra through which poetic insight (dhI) flows and becomes offerings 
(Gonda Vision of the Vedic Poets pp. 278-9)?

Or is it that the mind, like the moon, is constant though its content continually changes?

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