[INDOLOGY] Unicode Devanagari on Mac

Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 19:16:00 UTC 2016

The Unicode standard includes non-spacing accents, so you can stack 'em as
much as you like.

Working out how to type them conveniently will depend on your keyboard
handler.  Linux comes with many options in this area.  Ibus and m17n
include ready-made Roman IAST and Devanagari Sanskrit keyboards, but it's
very easy to make one's own combinations ad libitum for anything not in the
standard keystroke repertoire.   In the control file, you put what you want
to type in the left column, and what's meant to show on your screen in the
right column.

Finally, what stacked accents will look like depends on the font you
select.  Some fonts handle this more elegantly than others.


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