Five Bhaktis in Sāman Recitation

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Dear all,

in the Haravijaya 6.33,

sphuṭahiṃkriyādinidhanāvasānatā -
pratipannapañcavidhabhaktisauṣṭhavam |
druhiṇena sāma bahuvartma gāyatā
jagati tvam eva guṇagaura gīyase || 33 ||

a series of verses begins in which Śiva is praised in musicological terms,
starting with the Sāmaveda recitation: "Oh Guṇagaura, by Brahman who is
singing the sāman which is of many paths [and] in which excellence of a
fivefold division has been obtained, which clearly has hiṃkriyā at the
beginning and nidhana at the end, it is you only in the world who are being
sung." Utpala comments: "he guṇagaura, brahmaṇā bahuvartma sāma gāyatā tvam
eva gīyase, paramātmasvarūpatvāt. sphuṭaṃ kṛtvā hiṃkriyāditayā
hiṃkārāditvena nidhanāntatayā ca śritaṃ pañcavidhayā bhaktyā sauṣṭhavaṃ
yatra. tad uktaṃ: “āvāhalakṣmā hiṃkāraḥ prastāvaḥ pratihārakaḥ | udgītho
nidhanaś ceti pañcoktāḥ sāmagītayaḥ ||” iti. kecin nidhanaśabdasya
madhyārthābhidhāyitvād ādimadhyānteṣu hiṃkriyety āhuḥ ||" Now I have not
been able to locate the verse he quotes, listing the five sāma-gītis and
would appreciate if some Sāmaveda expert could enlighten me about it. Also
the last sentence is a riddle to me, "some [presumably other commentators
on this verse] say that hiṃkriyā is in the beginning, the middle and the
end, because the word 'nidhana' [(technical term of one of these components
of the sāman chant, lit. 'end'] means 'middle'". Can anybody make any more
sense out of this?



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