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Dear Colleagues,

Dr Susan L'Engle has for many years produced a fine newsletter on the study
of manuscripts.  However, there's never a word about non-European MSS.

I corresponded with Dr L'Engle last year, and she said she would be
delighted to include information about Indian and other manuscripts, if
only someone would send her publishable submissions.

May I therefore suggest that if you have something that you would like to
share with a wider community of people interested in medieval manuscripts,
or if you wish to publicize your project, you could consider *Manuscripts
on My Mind* as a place to send your information.

Best wishes,
Dominik Wujastyk

Professor Dominik Wujastyk* <http://ualberta.Academia.edu/DominikWujastyk>
Singhmar Chair in Classical Indian Society and Polity
Department of History and Classics <http://historyandclassics.ualberta.ca/>
University of Alberta, Canada

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Subject: Manuscripts on My Mind, no. 17, January 2016
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Dear Colleagues and Manuscript Lovers,

A little late, but you may now access the latest issue of Manuscripts on My
Mind, no. 17, January 2016, on our website:
<http://list.slu.edu/t/1752320/3076903/2486/4/>. I hope you enjoy it; many
people have sent contributions.

Yours in manuscript studies,

Susan L'Engle, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Vatican Film Library
Editor, *Manuscripta*
Pius XII Memorial Library
Saint Louis University
3650 Lindell Boulevard
St. Louis, Missouri, 63108
Tel. (314) 977-3084 / Fax (314) 977-3108
Email: lengles at slu.edu

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