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My admiring thanks go to Krishnaprasad and Nityanand Misra for this 
swift and scholarly rescue from mistranslation!

Martin Gansten

Den 2016-01-23 kl. 05:41, skrev Nityanand Misra:
> On 23 January 2016 at 08:36, Krishnaprasad G 
> <krishnaprasadah.g at gmail.com <mailto:krishnaprasadah.g at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Dear Martin Gansten
>     This probably means
>     Vyakarana Mahabhasya which is written by Patanjali.
>     He is believed to be an incarnation of Shesharaj who is a bed of
>     Lord Vishnu. So Ahi means Snake. Gavi means his speech or Vanee.
>     In Sanskrit gow means cow and also speech. Here in this context
>     the meaning is to be considered as speech and derivative of the
>     same would lead to this new word.
>     This is used by famous commentator Mallinatha in his Raghuvamsa
>     etc at the commencement of the same.
> That is correct, however there is no word called /gavī/. Monier 
> Williams lists the word and even gives the citation /Śiśupālavadha/ 
> 2.68 but he (or the Pandit he relied on) have clearly erred as 
> Śiśupālavadha 2.68 has the samasta form /śeṣagavī/. The form 
> /gavī/ derives from the affix /ṭac/ at the end of a /tatpuruṣa 
> /compound by the rule /gorataddhitaluki/ (5.4.92) followed by 
> /eco’yavāyāvaḥ/ (6.1.78) and then and then /ṅīp/ by the rule 
> /ṭiḍḍhāṇañdvayasajdaghnañmātractayapṭhakṭhañkañkvarapaḥ/ (6.4.148). 
> Hence /aheḥ gauḥ ahigavī/.
> अहेः गौः इति अहिगवी। ‘अहिगो’ इति समासात् ‘गोरतद्धितलुकि’ (पा॰सू॰ ५.४.९२) 
> इत्यनेन समासान्ते टच्प्रत्यये ‘एचोऽयवायावः’ (पा॰सू॰ ६.१.७८) इत्यनेनावादेशे 
> ‘टिड्ढाणञ्द्वयसज्दघ्नञ्मात्रच्तयप्ठक्ठञ्कञ्क्वरपः’ (पा॰सू॰ ४.१.१५) इत्यनेन ङीपि ‘यस्येति 
> च’ (पा॰सू॰ ६.४.१४८) इति भलोपे ‘अहिगवी’ इति प्रातिपदिकं सिद्धम्।
> Mallinātha calls the Mahābhāṣya /pannagavī/. This and other references 
> to Patañjali as Śeṣa one may refer the Prastāvanā of 
> /Adhyātmarāmāyaṇe'pāṇinīyaprayogāṇāṃ Vimarśaḥ/. The relevant pages are 
> attached.

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