[INDOLOGY] First two volumes of ‘Tulsidas: The Epic of Ram’ (MCLI) by Philip Lutgendorf

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Sat Jan 2 01:19:44 UTC 2016

Dear list members

I recently came to know from Patrick Finn (author of ‘Quilts of India:
Timeless Textiles’) that the first two volumes of *Tulsidas: The Epic of
Ram*, the seven-volume English translation of Gosvāmī Tulasīdāsa's
Rāmacaritamānasa by Prof. Philip Lutgendorf (University of Iowa), have been
published in December and are now available for purchase.

The two volumes, part of the Murty Classical Library of India (MCLI), cover
the complete Bālakāṇḍa of the epic. The first volume covers stanzas 1–175
and the second covers stanzas 176–361. The bibliographic details along with
table of contents of the two volumes are available from the HUP website
under the following links (from where they can be purchased too)

In India, both hardcover and paperback editions are available for
pre-ordering on Amazon. The books will be released on Amazon India in
around three weeks time, and will be available in leading bookstores and
airports across the country.

These volumes are part of the newest English translation of the
Rāmacaritamānasa, published nearly 135 years after Frederic Salmon Growse
gave us the first English translation around 1880 CE.

Nityānanda Miśra

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