[INDOLOGY] Balagopalastuti

Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 03:18:02 UTC 2016

Yes, the manuscript is London WelIcome MS Indic alpha 1226.

I discovered it, published it (in my *Handlist*) and also wrote an article
about it, placing it in the transmission described by Norman Brown, Wilson
and Gadon.  My paper was a chapter entitled "The Love of Kṛṣṇa in Poems and
Paintings" in the book *Pearls of the Orient: Asian Treasures from the
Wellcome Library* ed. Nigel Allan (Chicago: Serindia, 2003).  PDF at

The Wellcome Library (owned by the Wellcome Trust) has a website:
wellcomelibrary.org  and the staff are exceptionally helpful.  Downloadable
high-resolution images of the MS are also available from the Wellcome
Images website <http://wellcomeimages.org> (search for "bilvamangala").

Dominik Wujastyk

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