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Sun Feb 7 10:15:35 UTC 2016

In the astrological work /Tājikamuktāvali /by Tuka (1.41) there is a 
compound /khābdhīrakebhyaḥ /which, from the context, has to mean 'from 
forty and ten, [respectively]'. This is supported by the explicatory 
numerals inserted by several mss: /khābdhī 40 rakebhyaḥ 10/, etc; but I 
haven't found anything like /iraka/īraka/ in any dictionary or list of 
/bhūtasaṃkhyā /numerals. (Some mss emend to /-īkhakebhyaḥ/, which 
doesn't really help.) If anyone has come across this way of expressing 
the value 10 elsewhere, I'd be grateful for a reference, and even more 
so for an explanation of the word.

Martin Gansten

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