[INDOLOGY] J.C. Chatterjee's preface to the Śivasūtravimarśinī by Kṣemarāja

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Dear All,

I am looking for the information on how many Mss did J.C. Chatterjee use in
editing the first volume of the *Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies* viz.
*Śivasūtravimarśinī* by Kṣemarāja (1911 CE). The PDF copy of the text I
have (most probably the one scanned by Muktabodha Institute) is missing the
first one or two pages of J.C. Chatterjee's preface where most probably he
has listed the Mss he used for preparing the edition.

My original copy of this edition is back home and our library here does not
have KSTS. Would someone be kind enough to send me a scan of the first one
or two pages of J.C. Chatterjee's preface to the above mentioned edition? I
shall be truly grateful.

Thanks very much in advance.


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