[INDOLOGY] Tattvārthādhigama Bhāṣya

Johannes Bronkhorst johannes.bronkhorst at unil.ch
Sat Dec 17 11:55:47 UTC 2016

The following work is inaccessable to me:
Tattvārthādhigama Bhāṣya, with Siddhasena Gaṇi’s commentary ed. H. R. Kapadia. 2 pts. [Sheth Devchand Lalbhai Jain Pustakoddhar Fund Series, Nos. 67 / 76]. Surat: Sheth Devchand Lalbhai Jain Pustakoddhar Fund, Badekhan Chakla, 1926-30.
Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Johannes Bronkhorst

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