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Christoph Emmrich


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From: Deepali Dewan <deepalid at rom.on.ca<mailto:deepalid at rom.on.ca>>
Date: 19 September 2015 at 3:12:21 AM IST
To: Deepali Dewan <deepalid at rom.on.ca<mailto:deepalid at rom.on.ca>>
Subject: American Council for South Asian Art (ACSAA) Symposium XVII, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I'm happy to share that the 17th Biennial Symposium of the American Council for Southern Asian Art will be hosted by the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, on October 15-17, 2015.

There will be 2 keynote lectures and 34 papers over the two and a half days of the symposium, presented by an international group of young and senior scholars, spanning topics from ancient to contemporary South and Southeast Asian art and visual culture.

The Opening Keynote - B. N. Pandey Lecture, "Art, But Not Quite: Towards a New Ethnography of Productions, Practices and Livelihoods," will be given by Dr. Tapati Guha-Thakurta, Director of the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences in Calcutta.

The Closing Keynote Lecture, "Religion, Region, Language and the State: Empires of Faith in Asia," will be given by Dr. Michael D. Willis, Principal Investigator, European Research Council Synergy Project.

Please check the symposium website for the full schedule: https://sites.google.com/site/acsaa2015toronto/home

In addition, Dr. Michael Willis will be giving a ticketed Public Lecture, "Memories & the Museum Sacred Objects in Secular Spaces," on Tuesday October 20, 2015, 7pm.

Full symposium or Day Passes are available. See links below to REGISTER.

with best wishes,

Deepali Dewan



American Council for Southern Asian Art
(ACSAA) Symposium XVII

The American Council for Southern Asian Art (ACSAA) will hold its 17th biennial meeting at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada, on October 15-17th, 2015.

ACSAA symposia occur in alternating years, and serve as opportunities to meet colleagues, reconnect with mentors and graduate school cohorts, and share one's current research with the field. From senior scholars to graduate students, ACSAA symposia are one of the primary ways ACSAA members gather and support one another, share ideas with a group of like-minded colleagues, and participate in the ACSAA community.

More information and program schedule<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jFF3VFxj5c058pYOtVcYlnAuHFD2jCtDHKXxeBfbIQ5SjX89_ftHguNOBkBFcFHcg3JcVzisSNojk_i3gqVQTHvepLDmqdVYfQvokD8PnYBiqW8YpYnU7UyOXob1-F51MKHyyja9N29mZCMNlPY4R3BENyZzZ_-EWSMsBu8CDc3N4P6qviiQqMbxDE0Ypw9EDhY-2WaEkE3MNe-1GfyNyQ==&c=IkD3xtxb2Pt5sJ_6CFn-iKELJ_xAZpEZzXUkFALzHjNp6M5CmcvHQQ==&ch=GbT4oZHCddPsC_rVjPcGguuGO6alzLwKbvS8My73FqJXnTBPRxWywA==>


Full Conference Ticket (Oct 15, 16 & 17)
- Opening Keynote & Reception, October 15, Royal Ontario Museum
- Closing Keynote & Dinner, October 17, Aga Khan Museum

   ROM & ACSAA Member $125
   General Public $150
   Student with valid ID $75

Buy tickets for all 3 days<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jFF3VFxj5c058pYOtVcYlnAuHFD2jCtDHKXxeBfbIQ5SjX89_ftHguNOBkBFcFHcIfMT8TxGcrV_qdlAj5VNS1yeU5iQmE2hOW5Y7Nt7ltqNJZ5KZN8OLh5-Nvv_r9s14eQ0X21LKc0lameob-R0yL4h4zXsoNW2RGjDIKTPlavhwlRN7_yK-rZHs6VnIZqEGYkeEKuZxqPxmnxb11AEt0F1jZUQTW4R6TIa4TQKOA_kTUWL09tXGEdEP-0Pmvs-RIafiW1qlUOgGDz2VZcGSnvbKd87BNYJniskmc2rZMwJaoZ3z8ENBA==&c=IkD3xtxb2Pt5sJ_6CFn-iKELJ_xAZpEZzXUkFALzHjNp6M5CmcvHQQ==&ch=GbT4oZHCddPsC_rVjPcGguuGO6alzLwKbvS8My73FqJXnTBPRxWywA==>

Note: Full Conference Ticket will only be sold in advance of the event. Full Conference Ticket sales will close by End of Day October 13, or when capacity is reached.

Panel Day Pass: Friday, October 16
Valid for Panels only, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
ROM & ACSAA Member $45
General Public $50
Student with valid ID $30

Register for Oct 16 Day Pass only<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jFF3VFxj5c058pYOtVcYlnAuHFD2jCtDHKXxeBfbIQ5SjX89_ftHguNOBkBFcFHczftW93qxioLsa-r5y2B2RLjhJ4FjWhsDVvC8BrbsOXNMTrlx-7PJeL9RyOgHGzBdgb18NlRPl8UcL2zILhxMAH52M0pXExbPZoKd6daz9Zz-wX_b6_yLC_JQ938LwxnQ1aWE4LtkH-Y0LKRw56ykWGw5dFdZRRdlpRSjZ1DUdhIrLcGRVp1N7DayL0L9nOwjrvZUwsAF0gpUGNYB1dFfcQ==&c=IkD3xtxb2Pt5sJ_6CFn-iKELJ_xAZpEZzXUkFALzHjNp6M5CmcvHQQ==&ch=GbT4oZHCddPsC_rVjPcGguuGO6alzLwKbvS8My73FqJXnTBPRxWywA==>

Panel Day Pass: Saturday, October 17
Valid for Panels only, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
ROM & ACSAA Member $45
General Public $50
Student with valid ID $30

Register for Oct 17 Day Pass only<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jFF3VFxj5c058pYOtVcYlnAuHFD2jCtDHKXxeBfbIQ5SjX89_ftHguNOBkBFcFHcUnvnmyCMB8NicJkoCE-XyXpn5aIsybfc05XmWYy4O-J8NVOoPTFKwNk7QuePsFq73Iz4euWUM0rbJxNm0zjI4YCfAhZhkhkCjTDeCxt4AnwQk_Vi4EZavCOHNT3gzuzUN12OceY-_x10Jc1v7gxipyjcSk8XeeEFpHmY5DeY9h3ZT8EZfo5i5bV1b2nn5mLZhOoxRcms6hs-7HBoogusEw==&c=IkD3xtxb2Pt5sJ_6CFn-iKELJ_xAZpEZzXUkFALzHjNp6M5CmcvHQQ==&ch=GbT4oZHCddPsC_rVjPcGguuGO6alzLwKbvS8My73FqJXnTBPRxWywA==>

Also at the ROM on October 20, 7 pm, Collecting Sacred Objects: Detritus to Treasure, Memory and the Museum <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jFF3VFxj5c058pYOtVcYlnAuHFD2jCtDHKXxeBfbIQ5SjX89_ftHgjsSuMDpQ30fMPPYBNnRGaGy4qXQ1GVrT9siyZJgZKK1O-rt_w5y14oMy7xyQ2J7VHSqnpwVQh0oyrdHTwd6SsN2vEnFKE8cg1Qvxa-PhIO4YUotQMaUJTCbCXyS4mMQJ0rXWNdr0jJwqdzeKDPODNRbt7Up-Jkjxuz42qcsvkuAZNde4ydwacXjWAT-9R3HAjhNZpSrDvTxbH6X_xAyzqgtgy1MrAoATagha_YtqbzV&c=IkD3xtxb2Pt5sJ_6CFn-iKELJ_xAZpEZzXUkFALzHjNp6M5CmcvHQQ==&ch=GbT4oZHCddPsC_rVjPcGguuGO6alzLwKbvS8My73FqJXnTBPRxWywA==>


The ACSAA Symposium XVII is organized by the Royal Ontario Museum, and co-presented with the Aga Khan Museum. The Opening Keynote is co-presented by The Centre for South Asian Studies at the Asian Institute, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. The Closing Keynote is co-presented with the University of Toronto Mellon Sawyer Seminar "Religious Materiality in the Indian Ocean World, 1300-1800."  Further support has been generously provided by the Ancient Echoes/Modern Voices South Asia Programs Fund, Royal Ontario Museum.


The ROM relies on the generous support of donors to bring our programs, exhibitions and research to life.
You can help ensure the future success of the ROM by making a donation today.

www.rom.on.ca/donate<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jFF3VFxj5c058pYOtVcYlnAuHFD2jCtDHKXxeBfbIQ5SjX89_ftHgjcyP0B6YjZT5WFn_y29b6P49n1RJ3Nv5IqeClZoI2al06aOktK_0V3ISq89-JnhN9bCOb5oXFE2T0hzHoWa4niMfdYwuvsUC5Jmuxj-D2zO8liQw37zTKW2owUKFxtYaqBrQd9wmtUL_t_GJ4BUqCdELDUej3UdJLTcojZFXVLlugiI-alctuD5NtomPmM0CdPVBWyEblHX05MZo395eLQ=&c=IkD3xtxb2Pt5sJ_6CFn-iKELJ_xAZpEZzXUkFALzHjNp6M5CmcvHQQ==&ch=GbT4oZHCddPsC_rVjPcGguuGO6alzLwKbvS8My73FqJXnTBPRxWywA==> | giving at rom.on.ca<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jFF3VFxj5c058pYOtVcYlnAuHFD2jCtDHKXxeBfbIQ5SjX89_ftHgt2ya7DTa7n_ruetw7aymyoLm2tGVe5kVYR1Bq7fRwHkHDDi819Z2_tCHEQ4f7FVLMOgd_MYzard_wWlj6khTwMbwb-tmbg9rmJBYnQqs1kNy3aDPfi7DfU=&c=IkD3xtxb2Pt5sJ_6CFn-iKELJ_xAZpEZzXUkFALzHjNp6M5CmcvHQQ==&ch=GbT4oZHCddPsC_rVjPcGguuGO6alzLwKbvS8My73FqJXnTBPRxWywA==> | 416.586.5660

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Department of Art, University of Toronto http://www.art.utoronto.ca/
Centre for South Asian Studies http://www.utoronto.ca/csas/
American Council for Southern Asian Art http://www.acsaa.us/
Toronto Photography Seminar http://www.torontophotographyseminar.org/


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