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In classical Telugu literature, to replace the masculine suffix ayya with
Arya in masculine personal names was a common practice. For example, there
were names of poets such as chintalapUDi ellanAryuDu (ellanArya+u+Du, Du
being one more masculine Telugu suffix, u occuring for euphony). This
formula is followed in changing the Telugu masculine personal names ending
in the suffix ayya into their Sanskritized forms by changing ayya into Arya
e.g. Nanayya (Nanni/Nanna+ayya) is changed into NannapArya
(Nanni/Nanna+apa(<appa)+Arya). ( This is similar to the feminine Telugu
personal names ending in the suffix amma being changed into their
'Sanskritized' forms ending in ambA, e.g. Tirumalamma is changed into

There are family names such as ayyadEvara in which ayya is a prefix in
Telugu speaking families.

                 ---------------------      --------------------
 -------------------- -----------------------

AryAmbA is the name of Adi Sankara's mother.

Words such as ayya utta (Aryaputra )/ ayya utto (Arya putrah) etc. are used
in Bhasa's plays such as pratimA.

Aryaka is the name of the prince in mrichhakaTika.

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