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Le 02/09/2015 18:11, Mark McClish a écrit :
> Dear colleagues,
> I am looking, in particular, for secondary sources that deal with
> how computational operations such as addition, multiplication,
> subtraction, division, etc. are conceived of and written in
> Sanskrit or the Prakrits within or across genres. So far, some of
> my best guides have been the various grammars that are available,
> but I am yet to find a systematic, comprehensive treatment.

I published some times ago an edition and translation into French of a
commentary on Bhāskara's Līlāvatī where all these elementary
operations are explained. If you are interested I could help. If you
do not read French language, at least you can read the Sanskrit text...

> I’m also interested in any primary or secondary sources that deal
> with with everyday, applied computational practices, such as
> calculating the weight or volume of goods in the market, fines or
> interest, or lengths and distances. Any information on applied
> measurement practices would also be very welcome.

On these subjects: interest, mixture and so on, I have not finished
yet the edition/translation, but you can find some parts here:


Search on my name: François Patte.

Or directly:

http://www.math-info.univ-paris5.fr/~patte (publications)

Hope this help.


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