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Rosane Rocher rrocher at sas.upenn.edu
Wed Sep 2 19:41:35 UTC 2015

The /Saṅkhyāparimāṇa /might be worth a look.  It was the source of H. T. 
Colebrooke's essay "On weights and measures" (/Asiatic Researches/ 6, 
1798, 91–109, repr. in his /Miscellaneous Essays, /1873 ed., 2, 157–170; 
omitted in the original edition, 1837).  Colebrooke's MS of this text is 
in the former India Office collections, Eggeling, no. 5513).
/Best wishes,
Rosane Rocher

On 9/2/15 12:11 PM, Mark McClish wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> I’m working right now on computational practices in the Dharmaśāstras 
> and /Arthaśāstra/, particularly as related to state administration, 
> and I am seeking the guidance of the list for reliable sources on such 
> computational practices in South Asia in the classical period and 
> earlier. Indian mathematics is well outside my area, but most of what 
> I have read does not address the kinds of operations and procedures 
> found in these texts, perhaps because they are too elementary.
> I am looking, in particular, for secondary sources that deal with how 
> computational operations such as addition, multiplication, 
> subtraction, division, etc. are conceived of and written in Sanskrit 
> or the Prakrits within or across genres. So far, some of my best 
> guides have been the various grammars that are available, but I am yet 
> to find a systematic, comprehensive treatment.
> I’m also interested in any primary or secondary sources that deal with 
> with everyday, applied computational practices, such as calculating 
> the weight or volume of goods in the market, fines or interest, or 
> lengths and distances. Any information on applied measurement 
> practices would also be very welcome.
> With thanks in advance,
> Mark
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