[INDOLOGY] Book search: CASIR vol 3

Balogh Dániel danbalogh at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 08:18:42 UTC 2015

Dear Peter,
thanks for this link, which I had used once or twice earlier, but which 
I had quite forgotten about. However, they unfortunately do not seem to 
have this volume. I'll wait and see if the marvellous power of this list 
turns up a copy.

2015.09.02. 9:55 keltezéssel, Peter Wyzlic írta:
> Am 02.09.2015 um 09:26 schrieb Balogh Dániel:
>> does anyone have a scanned version of Cunningham's Archaeological 
>> Survey Report, volume 3 (Report for the year 1871-72) that they are 
>> willing and able to share? Or point me toward a web link? I couldn't 
>> find this particular volume on Archive.org or DLI, nor anywhere else 
>> through Google. Google books does have several entries that may be 
>> this volume (e.g. 
>> https://books.google.com/books/about/Report_for_the_Year_1871_72.html?id=LpeFAAAAIAAJ; 
>> https://books.google.com/books/about/Archaeological_Survey_of_India_Reports.html?id=-wk3AQAAMAAJ), 
>> but these cannot be previewed, much less downloaded, at least from 
>> Hungary. 
> Here: URL <http://www.ignca.nic.in/asp/searchBooks.asp> you may search 
> for downloadable books provided by the ASI.
> Hope it helps
> Peter Wyzlic

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