[INDOLOGY] deciphering a Tibetan mural

Mark McClish mark.mcclish at northwestern.edu
Sat Oct 31 19:11:15 UTC 2015

Dear friends,

A colleague of mine who works in Indo-Tibetan art contacted me for help deciphering some writing on a mural he’s studying. I include here the information and image he provided:

I wonder if I might trouble you to take a look at a detail of mural depicting the learned 17th century Tibetan scholar Taranatha (attached).  He is shown holding the stems of two lotuses, one lotus bearing a sword, the other a text, the attributes of Manjushri.  The detail I send you is of the text, which I fancy aims at depicting Sanskrit (it is not Tibetan, either cursive or otherwise).  Is this pseudo-Sanskrit (on par with pseudo-Kufic), or is it possible that it is indeed readable Sanskrit?  Much obliged if you have a moment to glance at it.

I am not able to make sense of the writing, and this is far afield from my areas of expertise. Thanks in advance for any help.


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