[INDOLOGY] Mss. from Rotkuppelraum, Qyzyl

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Dear Richard,  Dear Colleagues,    The short narrative about the discovery of Sanskrit and Tocharian manuscripts can be found in A. von Le Coq, Auf Hellas Spuren in Ost-Turkistan, Leipzig, 1926, p. 115. It happened during the 3rd Turfan-Expedition. More information about the Rotkuppelraum and the Rotkuppelhöhlen (present day numbers 66 and 67 in the Chinese numbering of Qizil caves) can be found in M. Yaldiz, Archäologie und Kunstgeschichte Chinesisch-Zentralasiens (Xinjiang), Leiden, Brill, 1987, see the index. As far as Tocharian is concerned, the Toch. B manuscripts that were found there have the finding mark MQR (= Ming-öi Qizil, Rotkuppelraum) in the edition of Toch. B Berlin fragments by E. Sieg and W. Siegling, Tocharische Sprachreste, Sprache B. Heft 2: Fragmente Nr. 71-633, Göttingen, 1953, see the introduction p. 8 and the concordance at the end of the book, p. 406. Check also the paper by Melanie Malzahn, Tocharian texts and where to find them, in M. Malzahn (ed.), Instrumenta Tocharica, Heidelberg, 2007, p. 79-112, but no much details are provided about this issue.  I suppose that a similar concordance is provided in the volumes of SHT published originally under the direction of E. Waldschmidt, and now by Kl. Wille, but I have no time today to check. One should also of course investigate the book by Lore Sander, Paläographisches, etc.,  Wiesbaden, 1968.

This is a first answer which I can provide on the spot. If more information is needed, I will look at other sources, and especially the works of Grünwedel, which I have at home, but it will take some more time.

With best wishes,  Yours,   Georges-Jean Pinault  





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> Does anyone happen to know of a detailed description of the 
> circumstances of discovery of Sanskrit and Tocharian manuscripts in the 
> "Rotkuppelraum" at Qyzyl by A. von le Coq? (This is only very cursorily 
> described in his "Buried Treasures of Chinese Turkestan", p.126 of the 
> English version.)
> Also, is there a convenient comprehensive list of the manuscripts that 
> came from this cave?
> Thanks
> Rich Salomon
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