[INDOLOGY] Book Shops in Varanasi

Christian P. Haskett christian.haskett at centre.edu
Tue Oct 6 03:02:27 UTC 2015

In the general area of Chowk and Chowkamba, there are a number of Sanskrit
publication offices.  The Chowkamba Sanskrit Series is one in addition to
C. Orientalia, and they now have a web presence which lists much of their
catalog, as well as their address:


There are also, in that area, dozens of stores that seem to sell nothing
but the Ramcaritmanas.

In nearby Sarnath, the Publication Dept of the Central Institute of
Tibetan Studies has put out a number of titles partly or completely in
Sanskrit.   Among these, a limited number address topics other than

Last, at the previously mentioned Harmony Books, in Assi, Rakesh Singh
seems to know everyone and everything about Varanasi, and has been
reliably helpful to dozens of scholars over the years.

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