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Klaus, the work itself is in our national library with the placemark  

Bhattacharya, Gouriswar, 1991. (Ed.) Akṣayanīvī: Essays presented to  
Dr Debala Mitra in admiration of her scholarly contributions.  
(Bibliotheca Indo-Buddhica, 88.) Delhi: Sri Satguru Publications.  
xxvi, 409 pp., several pl.  H.93.k.60.

Best regards, Asko

Quoting Klaus Karttunen <klaus.karttunen at helsinki.fi>:

> Dear colleagues,
> does anyone have or know a scan of the following article:
> James C. Harle: “The ‘Indian’ Terracottas from Ancient Memphis: Are  
> they really Indian?”, G. Bhattacharya (ed.), Dr. (Mrs.) Debala Mitra  
> Felicitation Volume, Delhi 1991, 55–62.
> Best,
> Klaus
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