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Dear List members,

In the Sāñcī version of Aśoka's Schism Edict we come across the expression (putapapotike) caṃdasūriyike, “(as long as my sons and great-grandsons shall reign and) the moon and the sun (shall shine)”. A variant is found in the so-called Seventh Pillar Edict: putapapotike caṃdamasuliyike hotu ti.

I am certain I have come across the expression before, but at the moment can think only of cantirātitta-varai in a South Indian Tamil inscription. Furthermore, I remember having once seen a photograph of a hero-stone (or was it a satī-stone) with a sun and a moon carved in the upper part.

I hope someone on the list can help me with some more information. What I would in particular like to know is how wide-spread this expression is, what are the oldest instances, and if it has been described in the secondary literature.

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