[INDOLOGY] Fw: [RISA-L LIST] IAST and the Gayatri Mantra

Nagaraj Paturi nagarajpaturi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 17:55:45 UTC 2015

The RV one is called Gayatri Mantra.


tan naH pracodayAt

type are called various Gayatris not Gayatri mantras.

For example, if the tan nah ............ prachodayat reads as tan nah
vishNuh prachodayat it is called VishNu gayatri.

Gayatri Mantra and these Gayatris of the formula

tan naH pracodayAt

do not belong to the same category.

Gayatri mantra is a full , unique, single mantra.

Where as the Gayatris is a formula that can be used to generate several
Gayatris that are never used/executed the way Gayatri Mantra is executed.

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