[INDOLOGY] Texts with different topics by one author

hellwig7 at gmx.de hellwig7 at gmx.de
Thu Nov 5 10:08:27 UTC 2015

Dear list members,

I am looking for Sanskrit authors who have written about many (>=3) 
different topics or in many (>=3) different genres (e.g., poetry, narrative, 
philosophical, scientific, ...); alternatively for voluminous texts by one 
author that cover such different topics in separate chapters (i.e., the 
thematic strata should be easily separable).

Further requirements:
1) Authorship of their works should be consolidated in Indological research.
2) Texts should not be too short.
3) Texts should not be collections of former works or of citations only, but 
"really" be written by these authors.
4) The older, the better!
5) Texts should be edited or - even better - already digitized.

The first (and actually only) author that came to my mind is Kshemendra. Do 
you have any other ideas? Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Regards, Oliver

Oliver Hellwig, University of Düsseldorf 

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