[INDOLOGY] stray request

Herman Tull hermantull at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 14:21:42 UTC 2015

I am trying to get access to a stray quote from Anagarika Dharmapala's The
Arya Dharma of Sakya Muni, Gautama, Buddha: Or, The Ethics of Self
Discipline, Maha Bodhi Society, 1917.  The quote occurs on p. 80 of the
1917 edition, but access to pp. 79 and 81 would be greatly appreciated.

Google books provides me with a snippet view, but this is insufficient.  I
apologize for asking the list to be my researchers, but I do not have
access to a research library at the moment, and I am working under

Any help will be appreciated!


*Herman TullPrinceton, NJ *

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