[INDOLOGY] Brahmi in a Babylonian Inscription??

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Mon Mar 30 15:02:33 UTC 2015

Dear Colleagues,

I have been asked about an article:

  A Line of Brāhmī (?) Script in a Babylonian Contract Tablet

 G. V. Bobrinskoy

 Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 56, No. 1 (Mar., 1936), pp.
  I am very far from being a specialist in Brahmi, but I'm not convinced.
But I couldn't see that anyone has responded to this article... ever. The
date of the tablet is pre-Aśokan, which only makes me more suspicious,
(A quick look through von Hinüber's book on early writing did not show up
any reference, nor is there reference in Salomon's inscriptions book).

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