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Dear Indology Friends,

In promotional material released by the organisation I am researching they
have used the two following quotes in their *e-patrikā*. My problem is that
I am struggling to locate the original Sanskrit verse or the name of the
original text.

1) All I have is the following, which as you can see is a translation into
English. I'd like to find the original text if possible.

'In the Upaniṣads, the sage Yājñavalkya says, “We don’t love each other for
the sake of each other, we love each other for the sake of the divine Self
that dwells within".'

2) The organisation only refers to 'Upaṇiṣad Mantra 5' as the location of
the following verse.

*Nityo’nityānāṁ cetanścetanānāṁ eko bahūnāṁ yo vidadhāti kāmān | tam
ātmasthaṁ ye’nupaśyanti dhīrāsteṣāṁ śāntiḥ śāśvatīrnetareṣām ||*

Once again, if anyone knows which upaṇiṣad this comes actually comes from I
would really appreciate knowing.

Thanks in advance.

All the best,

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