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Fri Mar 13 23:24:21 UTC 2015

The virāma renders correctly both on my iPhone5 and on my MacBookPro retina late 2013. So it seems odd that Hans reports his MacBookAir did not render it, if it is a platform issue.

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> On 13 Mar  2015, at 13:34, Peter Scharf <scharfpm7 at> wrote:
> Dear indologists,
> 	We noticed a quirk in the display of puur.n virAma (i.e. in the Sanskrit Library phonetic ascii encoding pUrR = KH pUrN) in Devanagari and wonder whether anyone has seen this display properly in a webpage with the proper characters.  Here is the Devanagari qwerty input:
> पूर्ण	This is p U r f N
> पूर्ण्	This is p U r f N f
> As you can see they are identical.
> पूर्ण्‌्	This is p U r f N f f f
> Finally the virAma displays, but it should not require three virama characters to do so.
> Thanks for your help.
> Yours,
> Peter
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