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Is there any way to edit and publish Wüst’s unpublished works? He seems to
have been ostracized for his Nazi connections. I should not be
mis-understood. Though a hard-core democrat I do not see any harm just by
knowing his philological contribution? It will be a different question if
he propagated Nazi ideology in his post-1940 philological work. But we
should know if that is the case. In spite of Oldenberg’s racialist views
all his works are not avoided.

I benefited from both Western and Soviet publications, particularly the
dictionaries and encyclopedias, without subscribing to any ideology. One
can do the same with the scientific works of holders of obnoxious political

Is the Vergleichendes und Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Alt-Indoarischen
(1935) available on the internet? Mayrhofer (1956-1980) refers to it, but
at present it is very difficult to consult in India.



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