[INDOLOGY] Does anyone know of Sanskrit works that use 2nd-syllable rhyming?

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Tue Jul 28 16:49:47 UTC 2015

Prof. Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan wrote :

yati is a line-internal rhyme pattern, while prāsa is line-external.”
(-Indira Peterson).

This is not correct as far as Tamil is concerned. The second syllable
rhyme can also occur within a line in different patterns. Assuming
there are are four feet in a line, the second-syllable rhyming can
occur in different patterns such as between feet 1 and 2; 1 and 3; 1
and 4; 1, 2, and 3; 1, 3, and 4; 1, 2, and 4; and 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Even in Telugu, there is a 'line-integral' (intra-line?) second
syllable rhyming. But that is an optional provision as alternative to
first syllable rhyming called ' akshara maitri in yati' or just
'yati'. The optional provision of second syllable rhyming as
alternative to first syllable rhyming is called 'prAsayati'.

This provision is only for native Telugu meters (meters not borrowed
from Sankrit or Prakrit). In the description of Prof. Sudalaimuthu
Palaniappan for Tamil, the rule for this is in terms of the order of
the foot (first, second etc.) within a line unlike in the case of
Sanskrit borrowed meters where the rule is in terms of  the order of
the syllable within a line. This provision applies to Geyams
(मात्राच्छंदस्) and Telugu songs of Carnatic Music too.

Thus it may be seen that inter-line second syllable rhyming is a nitya
(inescapable) rule for Sanskrit-borrowed meters, the intra-line second
syllable rhyme is an optional provision for the native Telugu meters.

Prof.Nagaraj Paturi

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