[INDOLOGY] Does anyone know of Sanskrit works that use 2nd-syllable rhyming?

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This might be of some interest to some, too:

Bhaṭṭa Jayanta (a *northener* from Kashmir) makes a remark which has a
bearing on the habitats of camels at his time: *southerners* *who were not
acquainted with the sight of camels* were perplexed when they unexpectedly
chanced upon them walking in single file, as caravans do:

*paśyaty anugataṃ rūpam avijñāte ’pi vācake | dākṣiṇātya ivākasmāt paśyann
uṣṭraparaṃparām* (NM (1) 283, 2 f.).

Abhinavagupta (from the same region) makes two similar remarks on *the
perplexity of southerners observing caravans or the long neck of camels for
the first time*: *anālocitopapattikam anavalokitārthakriyākam api
dākṣiṇātyasya iva karabhacakram*. ĪPVV Vol. 2, 347, 10 f. (ad 1.7.4)

*dākṣiṇātyo** hi na karabhasya grīvāmātraṃ smarati; karabho hi
dākṣiṇātyasya vismayasvabhāvaṃ sukhaṃ *[...]* janayet*. ĪPVV Vol. 3, 58, 2
f.; 14 f. (ad 2.2.5).



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2015-07-28 17:07 GMT+02:00 Nagaraj Paturi <nagarajpaturi at gmail.com>:

> Let me respond to North-South part here, second syllable rhyming part in
> the next post.
> Prof. Goodall said:
> >The South seems always long to have been more conscious of the North than the North has been of the South.
> 1. dakshiNAnila for malyAnila is a usage found throughout Sanskrit literature and other literatures northern and southern.
> 2. Bhatrihari mentions dAkShiNAtyas in
> यः पातञ्जलिशिष्यॆभ्यॊ भ्रष्टॊ व्याकरणागमः /
> कालॆन दाक्षिणात्यॆषु ग्रन्थमात्रॊ व्यवस्थितः // वाक्य_२।४८५ //
> similar mention of dAkShiNAtya, dakShiNa may be remembered by other list members.
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