[INDOLOGY] Tagore, Aurobindo, and Malhotra

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Let us imagine traditional Sanskrit scholars of India build a new s'Astra
called amerikAdhyayanas'Astra, amerikAs'Astra in short. The s'Astra follows
praMANas, tarkapaddhati/vAdapaddhati, paribhAshAs, and all other essential
features of a s'Astra to study American society.

Let us imagine s'Astra becomes THE method of study for all academics in

Is there or isn't there a possibility that for Americans, some aspects
of the picture of America understood through the method of s'Astra, however
robust the method of s'Astra is, apeears to be not correct and then they
begin to question the correctness of the very approach of looking at
American society through s'Astric methods?

Is it correct to argue in that case, that the method of s'Astra is as
neutral as a rikshaw or a combustion Engine and it has no cultural

Will it be wrong to suggest that the s'Astra if used to do amerikAs'Astra,
should be used after modifying it in such a way that it is freed from the
cultural conditionings in it?


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