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That has also been the long-term policy at Harvard. See
which provides detailed instructions for how faculty is to handle varying situations.

It was tacitly understood that Harvard students would be sufficiently intelligent to know that plagiarism is a no-no.

The history of how the latest code came to be (a process started in 2010) resulted from a student bending the rules and, instead of being contrite, unsuccessfully attempted to defend himself legally by exploiting what he claimed were lacunae in the rules. So it was decided a clearer, more concise statement that is brought to all undergraduates attention was needed. See

Plagiarism has never been condoned at Harvard or at any other American educational institution, including our middle schools and high schools, and is subject to disciplinary action.

Dan Lusthaus
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  My university, like many, has a rather well-developed set of guidelines about academic integrity.  There are separate sections aimed at faculty and at students. The student page "avoiding plagiarism" contains useful guidelines that might have helped Malhotra when he was writing. There is a video guide about what is and what is not acceptable copying.  Humour is a personal thing, but I found it very funny.

  For the rappers among us, "cite your sources like a freaking adult."


  ​Dominik Wujastyk​

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