[INDOLOGY] Malhotra and plagiarism

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Dear listfolk, 
It looks like the dragon-slayers will have their work cut out for them for some time to come, for Rajiv Malhotra is not giving up: 
And please don't get misled by the voices lined up against him, he also has many supporters above suspicion, e.g.: 
"I have known Rajiv Malhotra for about 20 years.  He is a scholar who is innovative, creative, straight-forward, and sincere.  His ideas are causing a paradigm shift in India Studies all over the world.  As true with any research, sometimes weak statements are made, wrong observations are made, or even wrong conclusions are made.  In all such cases, a scholarly counter-argument must be presented to make a case against it.  The left has every right to criticize Rajiv Malhotra; they do not have right to shut him up.  Such suppression of speech by asking the publisher to not publish his upcoming book is similar to book burning examples in our history.  All civilized societies would agree that suppression of ideas is counter-productive.  Freedom of speech is celebrated in all civilized societies.  India cannot be an exception to this rule." -- Alok Kumar, Dept of Physics, State Univ of New York 
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Koenraad Elst 


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