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The following might prove insightful to this discussion.

Wendy Doniger explores the term 'deshification' as a counterpoint to
Sanskritisation. She provides a succinct overview of the idea. I'm not sure
if it is her own idea or not?

If your copy was pulped or disappeared like a thief in the night then you
can scroll down and check pages 5-6 here
to read it for yourself.

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On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 4:33 PM, Nagaraj Paturi <nagarajpaturi at gmail.com>

> >And if indeed we pool all Brahmins jātis together, I had thought that
> this pool ends up representing substantial percentages of population in
> given regions.
> Dear Prof. Arlo Griffiths,
> Can you elaborate more on what you mean by all Brahmin jatis?
> Among Telugu speaking Brahmins, there is the distinction between Vaidikis
> (Brahmins who did not move into administrative occupation) and Niyogis
> (Brahmins who moved into administrative occupation). Similar such
> distinctions appear to exist in other parts of India too.
> Are you keeping such sub-caste categories in mind?
> At least in south India, there are a big number of villages where there is
> no Brahmin of any variety.
> The small percentages of Brahmins shown for statistical purposes are all
> from census where a person belonging to any sub-variety of Brahmin to have
> claimed during census enumerations to be non-Brahmin.
> You probably have some other kind of data in mind when you say Brahmin
> jatis. Can you please elaborate?
> --
> Prof.Nagaraj Paturi
> Hyderabad-500044
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