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I complitely agree.
But why "we" talk about "sanskritisation" phenomena if a goddess and her
devotional cult are dominated by tribal elements? I would like to describe
this goddesses as "tribalised", maybe because they represent a manipulation
of the "mainstream" Hindu Devi, to whom are overimposed tribal elements.

If the sanskritisation (or brahmanisation) process can be described as a
vertical axis where are different degrees of sanskritisation; maybe we
could describe this axis with two poles: one "sanskritisation", the other
"tribalisation"... obviously the dialectic between cultures bring to hybrid
phenomenon, but in my opinion the Hindu-Assamese culture is widely
dominated by tribal traditions, and this probably depend by ancient politic


P.S.: Maybe someone has a pdf copy of Kunal Chakrabarti "Religious
Processes: The Puranas and the Making of a Regional Tradition" (2001).

On 7 July 2015 at 11:25, Artur Karp <karp at uw.edu.pl> wrote:

> Dear Paolo,
> > So that are we sure that Kamahya is a sanskritised goddess? Or should we
> consider the reverse process? Doesn't seem that were the Hindus to emulate
> the tribal-men incorporating tribal worship elements?
> To my mind, both.
> A perfect example of a dialogic situation, whatever the motivation behind
> the move to set up a new, structurally enriched place of worship and a
> newly conceived object of veneration.
> Best,
> Artur
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