[INDOLOGY] Religious Literature with Political Purposes

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Tue Jul 7 07:03:47 UTC 2015

Dear Prof. Artur Karp,

1. Sanskritization is a process in the direction  just  opposite to the one
being brought for direction by the thread initiator. It is the
puranic/Hindu/Brahmanic side which does the absorption of local/tribal
traditions in the process brought for discussion. In Sanskritization, the
non-Sanskritic communities emulate the rituals and practices of the
Sanskritic communities.

2. Emulation or imitation of the class by the non-class is a process well
recognized and well studied in the inductive empirical discipline of
sociology. These studies are different from deductive Marxist studies.

3. I did not name Professors MN Srinivas, Milton Singer etc. because the
issues they were handling are the ones such as Sanskritization that are not
relevant in the context of the present thread.

4. Disciplines of Sociology and Anthropology have many explanations other
than the political motives on the part of the adopter of the other
culture, offered for the intercultural processes such as the one being
discussed by the thread initiator.

5. The thread initiator is justified in choosing one of the explanations
for his study. It was with the considerations of propriety that I wanted to
focus only on that approach and share my understanding that many books from
the Marxist school of scholarship should be useful for the purpose of the
thread initiator.

Thanks for your patience.

Warm regards,


Prof.Nagaraj Paturi

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