[INDOLOGY] Manuscripts and cryptography in India

Jean-Michel Delire jmdelire at ulb.ac.be
Tue Jan 27 19:37:03 UTC 2015

Dear Members of the list,

Following my message about the difficulty of obtaining copies of manuscripts in India, especially from the BORI, Pune, and the Asiatic society of Mumbai, I am very happy to inform you that I received today xeroxcopies of five manuscripts I ordered a month ago (and two others in 2013) at the BORI. This is due to the zele of Prof. Bahulkar, who asks researchers to contact him directly, if they have problems with the BORI copying service. Actually, the person in charge, Dr Bapat, has probably too much work to be able to send copies (scan or xerox) in a reasonable period of time, even if he is showing good will in that matter. I think Prof. Bahulkar is about to write a word about the present situation at the BORI.
Concerning the Asiatic Society of Mumbai, I have been in contact with Prof. Balaporia, who assured me she would ask the question at the next board meeting why such prices (5000 rps for one photo !) are applicable at the Asiatic Society nowadays. For the moment, I have no further news.

I take the advantage of this message to ask another question to the members : do you know if any Indian ruler, or any foreign ruler in India (Portuguese, English, etc.), used cryptography in order to conceal their messages, letters, etc., from their enemies ? Do you know any interesting source on this subject ?


Dr Jean Michel Delire, University of Brussels

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